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Electronic Materials R&D Center

Dongbu Electronic Materials R&D Center is undertaking the development of soft-magnetic metal powder core and new materials with state-of-the-art research facilities and talented individuals as well as the world's leading technology in magnetic metal powder.


In addition, we have developed the world's best products using our own expertise in various magnetic alloy designs and powder manufacturing.


Based on the progress we have made in this area, we have invested our resources in the development of soft-magnetic powder core with a high level of efficiency and properties for high current and successfully commercialized the ultra-compact SMD inductor core and electromagnetic wave-shielding agent by applying a new engineering process.


The areas of our research and development projects include manufacturing alloy metal powder, improvement of soft-magnetic powder core with a high level of properties and high efficiency and low loss, shape core for high current and ultra-compact metal inductor core while focusing on future-oriented business sectors, new materials with high properties and energy materials.


Our R&D center will focus on high-value-added business sectors based on technical partnership and cooperation while exploring new business options. We plan to undertake the development of various magnetic materials including alloy metal, nano-formulation and amorphous materials and grow into world-class R&D facilities that cover powder materials as well as shaping products.


Dongbu Electronic Materials R&D Center


With a pioneering spirit and thorough analysis, we will design and provide superior parts and materials for our customers while focusing on reducing the total cost and providing total solutions to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.


  • Ultra Flux / High Flux Quality No.1 product manufacturing technology and product reserves

  • Alloy design and process technology new composition and impurity control

      - Alloyed metal alloy design and technology

      - Shaped core molding technology products

      - Powder Metallurgy Technology held

  • Magnetic materials and magnetic circuit design technology

  • Powder microstructure control and analysis technologies

  • Atomizing / fine powder / particle size control / high yield

  • Powder coating and insulation process technology including insulating materials and processes

  • Customized powder and Manufacturing Technology

  • High-strength core-impregnated technology(World class)

  • Alloys / products and the unique shape of the reactor design

      - Heat control / core selection / coil winding design

  • CPI assembly and high magnetic permeability powder manufacturing technology

  • Flake powdered magnetic sheet and using the same manufacturing technology

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