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Company Profile

Since 1996, Dongbu has operated a powder production factory and a core production factory in Ansan, Korea.

At the powder production factory, raw materials are weighed, melted and atomized to powders. The powders are pulverized to a desired particle distribution, heat-treated, and insulated. On the other hand, at the core production factory, the insulated powders are pressed to cores, stress-relieved, infiltrated and proceeded to the final coating and inspection. Through the factory operation we have set all the standard procedures up and it has led to the production of more consistent and more reliable products.


We produce the magnetic core products of Moly-Permalloy Powder Cores (MPP), High Flux Powder Cores (HF), High Flux Prime Powder Cores (HF Prime), Ultra Flux Powder Cores  (UF), Sendust Powder Cores (SDT), Power Flux Powder Cores (PF) which are made of metal alloy powders consisting of nickel, iron, aluminum, silicon, and molybdenum. Besides, new materials are possible at a customer’s request. In addition to toroidal cores, special shape cores such as E cores, U cores, and Block cores are also available for the renewable energy market including the photovoltaic (PV) inverter market, and for the hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) and electric vehicle (EV) market. These products show the best performance in DC-superposition and core loss characteristics at high frequency and high current condition, which makes them quite suitable for a variety of power applications from simple chokes to sophisticated devices such as DC-DC converters and DC-AC inverters.


It is our constant mission to try to meet customers’ needs in terms of quality, cost and delivery. In addition, we’ll be the best, the only and the first in global magnetic powder core business by best practices based on six sigma methodology.

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