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2015. 05  

Established Magnetic Material R&D Center in Ansan, Korea 


2015. 04  

Launching of ‘Dongbu Electronic Materials Co,. Ltd.’

(take over the MPC business of Dongbu CNI) 


2014. 09  

Development of new material cores(customized cores available) 


2013. 11  

Development of metal powder cores for potable devices(Smart phone, Display, Tablet PC etc.) 


2012. 05  

Development of the large-sized reactor with powder cores for PV inverters(100 kW) 


2011. 10  

Completion of equipment investment for Solar/EV/UPS.  

Produce big-sized cores & special shape cores 


2010. 11  

Change company name to ‘Dongbu CNI’ 


2009. 12  

Achieve innovative quality (World’s class) 


2008. 11  

Development of Ultra Flux (World’s first) 


2006. 12  

Construction of ERP System    


2005. 06  

Introduction of supersized press(1,000 ton) 


2004. 12  

Development of powder core for motors (with KERI)


2000. 02  

Plant expansion in Ansan, Korea(Powder & Core building)  


1999. 06  

Change company name to ‘Dongbu Fine Chemicals’ 


1996. 06  

Start the MPC business (from Dongbu Steel) 

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