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About Business 

Since its organization as Electronics Material Division in 2006, we have built our growth engine with a vision of becoming "the world's leading convergence material provider paving the way for the sustainable future".

Electronic materials business


We are developing and supplying magnetic powder core which is the key material for electrical and electronic products and auto parts while proactively responding to market demands. Lately, we have expanded our business into the high-value-added metal powder industry, taking full advantage of our expertise and experience in the field and making substantial progress.



MP Business

Meanwhile, we are focusing our resources on improving the quality of our products in industrial markets for server and UPS through continued investment in facilities and technical innovation as we expand our market leadership in energy and environmental sectors (e.g. solar energy, wind power generation, electric vehicle).

We are focusing our corporate-wide resources on improving the quality of our products.


For this end, we have made substantial investment in incorporating new technologies in our powder manufacturing process and built a foundation for quality improvement and capacity expansion.

In addition, we are enhancing our sales performance through continued quality improvement and marketing activities.


We are reinforcing our commitment to the domestication of materials and parts in order to gain a competitive edge in the global market and grow into the world's leading manufacturer of electronic materials.


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