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Our Technology 

  • Ultra Flux / High Flux Quality No.1 product manufacturing technology and product reserves


  • Alloy design and process technology new composition and impurity control

- Alloyed metal alloy design and technology
- Shaped core molding technology products
- Powder Metallurgy Technology held



  • Magnetic materials and magnetic circuit design technology


  • Powder microstructure control and analysis technologies


  • Atomizing / fine powder / particle size control / high yield


  • Powder coating and insulation process technology including insulating materials and processes


  • Customized powder and Manufacturing Technology


  • High-strength core-impregnated technology(World class)


  • Alloys / products and the unique shape of the reactor design

- Heat control / core selection / coil winding design


  • CPI assembly and high magnetic permeability powder manufacturing technology


  • Flake powdered magnetic sheet and using the same manufacturing technology

Our Certificate of ISO 



Environment / Health


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